Chivalry Contego LLC
Chivalry Contego LLC is a sport and
leisure clothing company dedicated to
designing and selling apparel that raises awareness and support for various causes.
  • The lovely Shae White modeling one of our beast tanks. Photo compliments of Erik Estes, check him out at
    Tank top available at

  • Army Sgt. Ryan Pitts received the Medal of Honor this afternoon, for outstanding heroism in one of the bloodiest battles in the Afghanistan War. Pitts fought back a Taliban ambush that threatened to over run his unit’s position. Despite his debilitating injuries, and the fact that he was the only soldier to survive the initial attack, Pitts continued to defend his position by throwing grenades and taking up an M240 machine gun. Pitts called in air support from Apache helicopters, at points whispering into the radio because of how close the Taliban were. Pitts’ valor, and refusal to give up kept the enemy from taking high ground that could have resulted in more American deaths, and allowed U.S. Soldiers to retain possession of his fallen brothers. Honor those who serve.

  • Good luck to coach Dutch Lowy who competes at Nationals this weekend in Salt Lake City! One of the best coaches I’ve ever had the privilage of working with and a great friend, good luck Dutch!
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